17.02.2023 Outhouse Sounds

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Joining the Melodic Distraction Radio roster, Outhouse Sounds are a multi-genre DJ duo spanning all forms of bass music from garage and dubstep through to jungle and DnB.

Join Alex for an hour of garage, dubstep and bassline.


Fraser ray – vibes so right (bandcamp)
Ollie rant – aaaww yeh (forthcoming)
Yann polewka- deeper underground (forthcoming)
Ghoulish – cherie amour (dub)
Groovy d – boy is mine (ec2a)
Dunman – rat pack (40 GRIT)
Moods – hold dat (forthcoming)
Hartta – aku dub (forthcoming)
LookBook – witness dub (dub)
Izco – flowdan remix (dub)
Skeptic – no trouble (forthcoming)
Frazer ray – say it (bandcamp)
Ghoulish – respect da entertaina (dub)
Prozak – fire (forthcoming)
Clikk – into the Cuban (forthcoming)
Ghoulish – KMT (dub)
Dominica – gotta let you go (Ghoulish remix) (dub)
Wodda – I like to move it (forthcoming)
Panar – delinquent (OHSVA002)
Lovellious – told you (forthcoming)
Frazer ray – layback (OHSv001)
Sam binga – come back round (dub)
Oldboy – hit then run (ec2a)
Styn – genesis (forthcoming)
Hermit – 2nite (OHSF)
Wodda – zinga (forthcoming)
Xander – you can’t do this (forthcoming)
Styn – ginseng strip (forthcoming)
RWB – zig zag (forthcoming)
RWB – seleccy dub (forthcoming)
Skeptic – DFWTC (forthcoming)
Van wilkins- wun man army (forthcoming)
Van wilkins & cesco collab (dub)
The streets – week become heroes (9trane remix) (forthcoming)
Skream – the attention deficit (ghoulish remix) (dub)
Dominus – the heist (forthcoming)
Styn – chain dub (forthcoming)
Styn – money is huge (forthcoming)
Silver – dem a lie (forthcoming)
Hermit & melodramatic – RAB (forthcoming)
ODF – blueprint dub (OHSF)
Blumey & jook – shade (ESO)
Crowley – gully (forthcoming)
Sabasonik – offering (forthcoming)
DBTS – assassin (forthcoming)
DBTS – exemplary dub vip (forthcoming)
Kalee – Sagada (forthcoming)
Lofty – stirring (dub)
Lofty – system (dub)
JSM – I found Mala in Cuba (dub)
Crowley – cartel (forthcoming)
Arkham sound – in the dark (9RAMBOS)
Mrshl – English weather (dub)
Mungk – snakez (forthcoming)
Mrtnr- melancholy (forthcoming)
Saule – talkin down (forthcoming)
Prozak – romantic donk (forthcoming)
Supply – don’t u ever leave (forthcoming)