08.08.2023 On Vogue (Gasoline Radio)

More about this show

On Vogue Monthly is an author's series on Gasoline Radio by Kyiv-based graphic designer and selector Pavlo Romaniuk, dedicated to fresh, tropical and melodic sound.

The show is focused on the Leftfield and Tribal styles, as well as exploring their influence on disco, dub, downtempo, ambient, house, and other genres.


Dj Popup – Braende
Lumitecc – Stalinka in Space
Levi Verspreek – Maat
Ben Nevile – Chick
Darren Allen – Clay
Pretty Sneaky – Untitled B (PRSN 5)
Martinou – Submerged
LB – Nevertoomuch
Powder – Afrorgan
Nasty Boy – Bring That Back
FIT Siegel – No Feedback
Richard Lamb – Naturally, Mechanically