07.12.2022 Nirvana Principle Show: Trauma Therapy

Dr. Hassan Mallick
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Dr. Hassan Mallick, is a London-based psychiatrist, broadcaster and electronic musician. They use creative social awareness projects to upholds the ideals of social justice, equality and the right to live a life free from suffering.

We hope to serve our community and society through the Nirvana Principle Show: challenging misconceptions and stereotypes that exist about mental health and bringing about healthy discussions.

How can we make sense of things that should never have happened? With the help of therapist Josie Geddes we understand the neuro-biological mechanisms of trauma, how therapists create a safe space , and how the discovery of PTSD treatment was a walk in the park.

Stay in touch with Josie @ JGCounselling.


Slim. – Time Will Let Us Go (Feat. Merryn Jeaann )
Catching Flies – Opals
Avril Lavigne – Losing Grip