14.04.2023 Nirvana Principle Show: Anatomy of Relationships with Fatima Hashmi

Dr. Hassan Mallick
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Join Fatima Hashmi and Dr.Hassan Mallick on the Nirvana Principle Show: Anatomy of Relationships as they navigate the heartbreak minefield (filled with love-bombs)using attachment theory, how being a mental health professional affects relationships, and talk about the flags that matter in the dating sphere 

You can catch our extended 2 hour recording on Spotify releasing  22nd April. Be sure to follow us on on socials @nirvanaprinciple to stay up to date with our shows and philanthropic work!

*potty mouth warning* Fatima was quite serious before the recording “Listen Hassan, I don’t think I can take anyone seriously if they don't swear…” so just a heads-up that we’re dropping some f-bombs in this one, so maybe not listen when your parents are around …or your kids…and if this is my mum listening in , I’m sorry Ma.

Hassan and the Nirvana Principle Team

About the Guest
Fatima Hashmi has a background of biology and research studies in London and is currently working in Chicago as a relational therapist. She is also launching her own podcast series called “Degrees of Attachment” on Spotify (stay tuned!). 

About Nirvana Principle
Dr.Hassan Mallick aka Nirvana Principle are a London-based psychiatrist, broadcaster and electronic musician. They use NPS as a platform to challenge misconceptions and stereotypes that exist about mental health and bring about healthy discussions.