02.11.2022 Nirvana Principle Show: ADHD with Dr. Mavi Capanna & Dr. Hassan Mallick

Dr. Hassan Mallick
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Dr. Hassan Mallick, is a London-based psychiatrist, broadcaster and electronic musician. They use creative social awareness projects to upholds the ideals of social justice, equality and the right to live a life free from suffering.

We hope to serve our community and society through the Nirvana Principle Show: challenging misconceptions and stereotypes that exist about mental health and bringing about healthy discussions. 

We kick off season 2 talking about Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder(ADHD): Together with guest Dr.Mavia Capanna we share stories of the evolving picture of ADHD as individuals grow older, from masking symptoms to fit into society to its toll on romantic relationships. We discuss the evolving paradigms of ADHD: the negative impact of substance misuse as coping strategies and the new found relationships between hyper focus, success and intelligence.

This episode is dedicated to Sanjay. Guest Dr Capanna is a psychiatry registrar in London. Her main passion and drive is around safe provision of care and wellbeing of doctors in the UK. She started
this through research in the University of Southampton and then continued via numerous leadership roles locally, regionally, and nationally within the BMA and other stakeholder groups. She has worked across fields in psychiatry and has a special interest in the criminal justice system and medico-legal ethical dilemmas.

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