16.07.2021 Nick Kagame

Nick, Leo & Tardast
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Manchester super-lovely Nick Kagame rolls through for an hour in the mix. 

A deft blend of breakbeat, ravey bits, squiggly acid lines heart-soaring piano lines. Music that makes you want to get back in the club.

Nick returns to our studio, this month with Leo and Tardast. The fast-paced, high-energy producer/MC duo are no strangers to our airwaves - join them for 100% original productions and live MCing, right after a power half hour from Nick!


Nick Kagame:

Networks – Dris Bennis & Swoze [Casa Voyager]
Blush – Facta [Wisdom Teeth]
Hardcore Romance – Brockout Crew [Slam! Records]
Is it Love? – Hidden Agenda [Metalheadz]
Rhythm Love (Feel it) – Sherelle (Self-released)
Mama Dey Party – Bryte (More Time Records)
Work Dat – Philip D Kick (Self-released)
Euphoria – Detriot’s Filthiest [Casa Voyager]
Untitled – Ratheart [Shotta Tapes]
Change – Loraine James [Hyperdub]


jade floors (demo) – leo
slipped – leo [Shotta Tapes]
numberless mile territory – leo
short crawl – leo [Shotta Tapes]
latex skies – leo
efforts dashed – leo

Leo & Tardast:

free years (demo) – leo & tardast
roshd – leo & tardast [YOUTH]