13.10.2021 MXSTICATE

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MXTRONIK: host, curator and creator of MXSTICATE - a concept shedding light on authentic queerness around the globe, giving a platform to music and artists that often get overshadowed in favour of heteronormative narratives.

This authenticity is embodied in every aspect of Tronik’s life whether Djing in New York or playing alongside SOPHIE, Princess Nokia and Yves Tumour; Tronik is naturally ahead of the curve.

Their sets are a frenetic blend which creates their own genre, mesmerically weaving a journey of dance floor possession. If you're gonna vogue on their dance floor, you better your knees dirty!

MXTRONIK is back, but this time not riding solo - none other than Jasmine Infiniti is in the hot seat bringing HEAT ahead of her set at B.L.O.O.M. at the weekend.