12.05.2021 MXSTICATE

MX Tronik
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MX Tronik: host, curator and creator of MXSTICATE - a concept shedding light on authentic queerness around the globe, giving a platform to music and artists that often get overshadowed in favour of heteronormative narratives.

This authenticity is embodied in every aspect of Tronik’s life whether Djing in New York or playing alongside SOPHIE, Princess Nokia and Yves Tumour; Tronik is naturally ahead of the curve.

Their sets are a frenetic blend which creates their own genre, mesmerically weaving a journey of dance floor possession. If you're gonna vogue on their dance floor, you better your knees dirty!


Describe (A. G. Cook Remix) – Perfume Genius
Crazy About Me – Tama Gucci
Tippin It (interlude) – LSD
Just a Touch (OSSX Remix) – NGUZUNGUZU
Boarding Station – J Heat
Energy, Pt. 3 – Cookiee Kawaii
Curtains 4U (Janet Jackson) – Neana
The Devil – LSDXOXO
Dj Spiider – HELDA
FPC – Divoli S’vere
Tray – Can’t Fuck with this Pussy
Sweat It Out (feat. UNIIQU3 & TT The Artist) – Club Queen
Deeper – Chippy Nonstop & dj genderfluid
Rave Princess (Venganza Remix) – River Moon
What Is Love? – Bored Lord
ZL CLUB MUSIC pt. II – badsista
Xoxox (Part 2) – dj genderfluid
Chasing the Sun (06H00 Mix) – Quest?onmarc
Xcxoplex – A. G. Cook & Charli XCX
909distortion – Marconi (original mix)
Silver Screen Shower Scene (Hellfire Society Remix) – Felix da Housecat
Pet Cemetery – Big Momma
K.U.N.D.L. – False Witness
This Is Religion – Remco Beekwilder
Ftc – Boe Strummer
The Drama Queen – Otta
Brkncell – DJ Ali
Pink Line Beat – Dave Quam
Wanted (Aamourocean Remix) – Namasenda