19.11.2021 Musique Concrete

More about this show

In Musique Concrete, MrPaul and Moritz bring their distinctive music palette to the fore with a new party and radio show.

Born from a desire to host parties and guests on the margins of the music scene in Liverpool, Musique Concrete bring a much needed new sound to the club scene. With a deep, atmospheric base, Musique Concrete have crafted a sound of rhythm and percussion.

Holding down residencies at the Tap Room, and being invited to festivals across the country, the folks are making moves and shaking hips all over.


1 Mara TK – Run (Moodyman Remix)
2 James Blake – Wilhelms Scream (Rancido Remix)
3 Tempel Rytmik – Anagrama (Original Mix)
4 Monk Ernie – Invisible Pink (Uriah Klapter ‘Enter The Suss’ Mix)
5 Michael Ozone – Hetrotopia (Young Marco Remix)
6 Magic Feet Recordings – Rich Lane-Flesh (Original Mix)
7 Moritz – P.L.U.R. (Pitched Down Remake)
8 Velmondo & Priorat – Dragging In The Dub (Marc Piñol Remix)
9 Ponty Mython – Pinto La Meah (Original Mix)
10 Uriah Klapter – Tone (Original Mix)
11 Sascha Funke – Geisterfahrer (Sleep D Remix)
12 Tahiti 80 – Darlin’ (Adam & Eve Song) (John Talabot’s Obscuro Baile Remix)
13 Moritz – ID
14 Aera – Danza Invisible (Larmour & Moritz Remix)
15 Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – Tapes & Money (John Talabot Remix)
16 Mattheis – 1001 (Original Mix)
17 Eva Geist & Steve Pepe – We Are Nature Resonator (Original Mix)
18 Planar Traits – Trip Out (Original Mix)
19 Freestyle Man – This Side Of The Moog (Aera Remix)
20 Budakid – Tadacuma (Original Mix)
21 Planar Traits – Exo-Realm (Original Mix)
22 Hounah feat. A-F-R-O – Revolution (Dave DK Instrumental Remix)
23 Moritz – ID
24 DJ Metatron – Loop ’95 (Larmour 2695 Edit)
25 Logic1000 feat. yunè pinku – What You Like (Original Mix)