18.04.2023 Music Export Ukraine: Choosing A Winner

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UAUAUA is a set of episodes to get acquainted with new Ukrainian music. Dartsya Tarkovska (Music Export Ukraine co-founder) will tell you about hidden gems of Eurovision selections, talented female acts, the most promising emerging bands and the influence of war on the Ukrainian music industry. Music Export Ukraine is an independent initiative that helps to present Ukrainian music abroad from 2018.

Every year the selection of Ukrainian representatives for Eurovision turns into a big contest itself. Some artists even consider it as an opportunity to get more local recognition. We’ll walk you through some hidden gems! UAUAUA is a set of episodes to get acquainted with new Ukrainian music, selected by Music Export Ukraine.


Kalush Orchestra – Stefania
Laud – Waiting
Gurt O – Tam Kudy Ya Ydy
Tvorchi – Bonfire
GoA – Kalyna
Yuko – Galyna Guliala
Khayat – Call for love
Tayana – Lelya
Fo Sho – Bkck sqr
Hypnotunez – Hey!
Kadnay – Freedom in my mind
Alloise – Crown
Pur:Pur – We do change
Salto Nazad – O mamo!
Kazka – Apart
The Hardkiss – Helpless