03.08.2022 Moving Through Music with Chip Wickham

Presented by Josh Aitman
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Josh Aitman is back with a new day slot exploring his tastes from top to bottom!  Tune in on the first Wednesday of each month from midday for Moving Through Music.

Founder of Melodic Distraction, Josh has produced countless shows over the last 5 years for a broad range of hosts. It’s safe to say those productions shifts opened his tastes beyond the electronic sounds he was once set on.

Each month, this two hour slot provides an expansive opportunity to explore his monthly finds, keeping the energy up as we sail into the afternoon. Moving Through Music, is the midweek motivation you’ve been looking for.

Expect far-reaching sounds, verbal nonsense and various guests each month, as Josh opens up the theme and invites guests to explore the areas of their musical tastes that they may not usually dive into.

This month Josh Aitman broadcasts for Amsterdam to bring you his latest edition with special guest Chip Wickham.


JoVia Armstrong & Eunoia Society – Zebra 5:40
Greg Foat – Psychosynthesis Part 2
Bop Kaballa – Dream’s Ambient


Chip Wickham – Cloud 10
Chip Wickham – Pushed Too Far
Timo Lassy – Foreign Routes
Chip Wickham – The Cosmos
Rae & Christian feat. The Congos – Hold Us Down
Chip Wickham – Interstellar
Camaron De La Isla – La Leyenda Del Tiempo
Chip Wickham – The Mirage (feat. Matthew Halsall)
Chip Wickham – Blue To Red
Matthew Halsall – This Time (bonus track)
Chip Wickham – The Hit
Chip Wickham – Sais (Egypt)
Phi-Psonics – Still Dancing


Cpen – Formaldehyde Ride (Original Mix 2015 ReMaster)
Stella – Détends-toi
Oscar Jerome – Berlin 1
Lil Silva – Another Sketch