26.06.2023 Mornings With Griff

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Mornings are back! Well with us that is. That's right, no more walking through the musical forest of the morning without a voice to guide you along the way.

Tune in every weekday as a selection of hosts jump into the studio with plenty of tunes and huge amounts of sideways chat. Expect a selection of familiar faces returning to the airwaves with Aiden & Griff, Yvonne Page, George \m/, SOULFULTIZ, Yeti, Tonia, Chandé & our very own Danny taking you through the morning grind.

This week, Griff treats us to a show of "leftovers" - tracks that didn't quite make it onto the show first time out, but did this time!


Bendik Giske – Not Yet
Lars Bartkuhn – Still Existing
Lars Bartkuhn – Dystopia
Tom Trago – It Might Be Forever
Gigi Testa – Echoes In The Sky
Augustus Muller – Taste of Metal
Hoshina Anniversary – Guru Guru
Terrace – Model A
Wladimir M. – De Belastingdienst
Terrace – Flick One
Maara – Nothing Sacred
Wladimir M. – Zie Het Onder Ogen – Y Faire Face
Aretha Franklin – Chain of Fools (Alternate Version)
Larry June & The Alchemist – Porsches in Spanish
Napoleon Da Legend – Oda Nobunaga
Cookin Soul – Phife SP-1200
Napoleon Da Legend – Come Too Far
Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire – Space Invaderz
Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire – Bubbleguts
Cookin Soul – Believe
Napoleon Da Legend – Very Rare
Yaeji – For Granted
Coco Bryce – Eye New
Detroit’s Filthiest – Hypnotized Musick
Coco Bryce – Hands All Over My Body