13.07.2023 Memory Control

James Binary & George \m/
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James Binary has been DJing in Liverpool for over a decade, and as such, has picked up a banger or two.

With his long standing job as bass human for Forest Swords and member of the psychedelic collective that is Bonnacons of Doom, he's been granted a peak towards the wonky side of club music. With regular DJ slots at The Kazimier Garden and having supported the likes of Helena Hauff at 24 Kitchen Street, Binary’s selections will get you relentlessly dancing whilst also questioning the meaning of life.

James Binary and George \m/ are back with a banging two hours of music - from acid to metal!


C418 – Cat
Uf0 – Adrian It Was Not The Right Time (Yawa Ze 101)
Dijf Sanders – Jaipong
Ry Cooder &Amp; Manuel Galban – Monte Adentro
The Growth Eternal – Iii. Rain Song For Five Bass Guitars
Oneirogen / Mario Diaz De Leon – Oneirogen
Lunch Money Life – The God Phone Ii
Face Yourself – Gross Bagarre
God Colony – Tony’s Garage
Bok Bok – Silo Pass (Jlsxnd7rs Remix)
Amnesia Scanner And Freeka Tet – Disperse
Sccc – Very Lit
Linkin Park – Burn It Down (80s Synth Version)
Type O Negative – I Don’t Wanna Be Me
Courtesy – Saltwater Feat. Lyra Pramuk
White Snake – Still Of The Night
Indica Ritual – Seamless Ejaculation
Kh – Only Human
Nikki Nair- Startrack
Shriekback – Nemesis
Imaabs, Merca Bae – Costa Brava
*Sponsor Break*
James Binary – Afterwards Hurts
Joe – Maximum Body Music
L-Vis 1990 – Video Drone (Ossx Remix)
Nikki Hair Can’t Wait – (Peder Manner Felt Remix)
Durutti Column – Future Perfect
Lobster B – Sandstorm
Godflesh – Land Lord