11.05.2023 Memory Control

James Binary
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James Binary has been DJing in Liverpool for over a decade, and as such, has picked up a banger or two.

With his long standing job as bass human for Forest Swords and member of the psychedelic collective that is Bonnacons of Doom, he's been granted a peak towards the wonky side of club music. With regular DJ slots at The Kazimier Garden and having supported the likes of Helena Hauff at 24 Kitchen Street, Binary’s selections will get you relentlessly dancing whilst also questioning the meaning of life.

This month marks the 50th show of Memory Control! 100 hours of eclectic tunes and chat later... James Binary and George \m/ are back with everything from acid, to jungle, to shoegaze, to bootleg donk mixes. Strap in!


White Town – Your Woman
Dean Blunt – 100
Golden Brown – Glass Frog
Lunch Money Life – Mother
Christopher Rave – Airwolf
Time Zone – Welt Distruction (12” Blast)
Global Goon – Whiskers
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Tronicbox – Somebody that I used to know
Labyrinth Ear – Navy Light
Propellerheads – Blogger
Shades – Into Stone
G Jones – Daydreams
Lucy Grey – Ether (Sines RMX)
Full Body 2 – Sprite Ocarina
The Cure – The Walk
Overactive – Enter The Void
Skepta – Love Me Not
Otto Von Schirach – Pterodactill
Basement Jaxx – Where’s your head at (100 Gecs Boiler Room Rip)
TNGHT – Tums
Billy Idol – Eyes Without A Face (Poolside Remix)
Charly Garcia – Dos Cero Uno
Tommy Cash – X-Ray
Lobsta B – Toxic VIP
Vito Ricci – I’m At That Party Right Now
Full Body 2 – 2G Ether
Keith Carnal – Cancel Culture
Lobsta B – Call Me Maybe
Shades – The Corruption