14.10.2021 Memory Control

James Binary
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  • IDM

James Binary has been DJing in Liverpool for over a decade, and as such, has picked up a banger or two.

With his long standing job as bass human for Forest Swords and member of the psychedelic collective that is Bonnacons of Doom, he's been granted a peak towards the wonky side of club music. With regular DJ slots at The Kazimier Garden and having supported the likes of Helena Hauff at 24 Kitchen Street, Binary’s selections will get you relentlessly dancing whilst also questioning the meaning of life.

This month, a hungover solo James pioneers just the best show of his life. Welcome to JamesWorld: Episode 31.


Jean Michelle Jarre – Oxygen Pt 4
Adbou El Omari – Layali Omari
Richard Dawson – Jogging
Clor – Magic Touch
Lunch Money Life – Human Sacrifice
Joe Howe – Pattern Buffers
Chris Koda And The Church Of Ethanasia – Buy More
Mr Oizo – Your Liver
Daphne And Celeste – What Ever Happened To Yaz
Bbc Radiophonic Workshop – Who Is Dr Who
Kraftwerk – Tour De France
Aphex Twin – Schottkey 7th Path
Toni Et Paolo – Me Lancoile
Each Other – Burn It Down
Mr Oizo – Textes
Liturgy – Fanfare
Niix – Lst &Fnd
Joe Howe – Plastic Thought
Andy Stott – Repetitive Strain
Asa Moto – Kifesh
E.M.M.A – Into Indigo
Soichi Terada – Tokyo Xxx
Soichi Terada & Shinichiro Yokota – Do It Again
Peder Mannerfelt – Squarewave To Heaven
Future Sound Of Antwerp – Tom Cruise, Scientologist
Tryphème – In A Cyber Spiral
Jasper Van’t Hof & Joachim Kuhn – Balloons