08.04.2021 Memory Control

James Binary & Al Sundvall
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James Binary has been DJing in Liverpool for over a decade, and as such, has picked up a banger or two.

With his long standing job as bass human for Forest Swords and member of the psychedelic collective that is Bonnacons of Doom, he's been granted a peak towards the wonky side of club music. With regular DJ slots at The Kazimier Garden and having supported the likes of Helena Hauff at 24 Kitchen Street, Binary’s selections will get you relentlessly dancing whilst also questioning the meaning of life.

James is joined by good friend, bandmate & digger extraordinaire Al Sundvall for a deep (and we mean really deep) dive into the weird and wacky sounds to have emerged from Merseyside!


Forest Swords – if your Girl
Indica Ritual – Highway code
All Day Glow – Maggot Fairy
STEALgandhi – New Noon
Fragments – Nut Bush City Limits
The Aleph – When you’re with Emily
Kling Klang – Rocker
Germanager – The Newest of the New
James Binary – Shite
Urban Jazz Ritual – Car Crazy
The Tear Drop Explodes – Ouch Monkeys
Pariah Qarey – Switchy Buzkut
Jacques Malchance – Night Drive
The Laze – Scorpion vs Grasshopper
Will Sergeant – Scene VI
Pink Industry – -47-
Palais De Sand – The Harbour Sand
The Bendal Interlude – Naked Super Witches of the Rio Amore
Stig Noise Sound System – Attack, Attack, Attack, Attack, Attack
Korn – Somebody Someone
A.P.a.T.t – Hell Yeah
Snap Ant – Shock Control
Reality Goggles – Go Whistle
Donnay Soldier – Goodbye Amber Leaf Yellow
Format – edit 1