16.03.2021 MDR's Breakfast Club with Luke Bartlett

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If you’re working from home, chilling at home, or generally just staying at home, our Breakfast Club is here to share a brew with you. Hosted by a rotation of some of the station’s family and friends, 10am-12midday every weekday, our airwaves are full of excellent tunes, local music and questionable patter.

Nestled right after our daily morning show 9-10am, Wake Up with Melodic Distraction, we’re filling our morning hours with radio family. Chat room crew, assemble!


SO Crates – Eloise (She Do Not Knot Me)
Bob Marley -Time Will Tell
Alton Ellis – Tumbling Tears
Dizzy Gelesbie – Incantination
Augustus Pablo – Marabi
Handsome Boys Modeling Club – I’ve Been Thinking
Porgy – 150
Guts – Hip Hop First Of All
U Roy – Vision Galore
America – Horse with no Name
Jazz Spastics – Jazz Loops
Alphabet Soup – Take a Ride
Steno – Figure It Out
Jazz Spastics – Rock The Block
L To The Head – Rain
Jazz Spastics – Mathematics
Rivals of The Mind – Lost in the Mind
Jazz Spastics – By All Means
Wise guys – Borderline
Sliver lining – Recognitia
The Colours that Rise – Get Away
Hiatt – 6 O’clock Rock
Mark Ray – Mind Body & Soul
Vulfpeck – Dean Town
Asha Bhosle – Udi Baba
Dizzy Gillespie – The Last Stroke of Midnight
The Rebels – Wild Fire