28.05.2021 MDR's Breakfast Club with James Sims

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If you’re working from home, chilling at home, or generally just staying at home, our Breakfast Club is here to share a brew with you. Hosted by a rotation of some of the station’s family and friends, 10am-12midday every weekday, our airwaves are full of excellent tunes, local music and questionable patter.

Nestled right after our daily morning show 9-10am, Wake Up with Melodic Distraction, we’re filling our morning hours with radio family. Chat room crew, assemble!


Admin – Deep Mantra
Jimi Tenor – My Mind Will Travel
Joao Donato – Tudo Bem
Os Angos – Avante Juventude
Okafa Akoussah – Dandou Kodjo
The Diddy’s ft Paige Duglas – Intergalactic Love Song
Ron – Hai Capito O No
Xavier – Love Is On The One
Simba Formal Love
Conclave – Twice
Funkadelic – Freak Of The Week
Rob – Make it Fast Make It Slow
QQ – Betta Must Come
Sister Nancy – Only Woman DJ With Degree
Claudette mcClean – Give Love Another Try
Ras Michael – Booma Yah
Chantana Kittiyapan – Sa Ra Wan
Melody Aces – Asaw Fofor
Al Kent – The Jazzy Track
John Coltrane – My Favourite Things
Simba Sketch 12
Glenn Underground – Trust In The Son
Gabriele Poso – Xango
Morgan – Vakonwana (Club Mix)
Peta Teanat – Thokoloshi
Marc Et Frank – Captain Coke
Kim Yaffa Once Bitten
Stevie Wonder – Go Home