Live from Liverpool: THE ONLY WAY IS UPITUP - EA Moon & Isocore

26.07.2022 McCool & The Gang

Natalie McCool
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Singer, songwriter & guitarist Natalie McCool shines as a unique star in the UK indie world, having risen through the ranks and amassed a ton of organic support and critical acclaim.

Her show, McCool & The Gang, is a window into her world as a 'music artist'. On this show expect to hear about her life & what she gets up to, and also about all the incredible creative people she works with.

Featuring one or more special guests, each episode is a chinwag about the world of music & what makes those creative souls tick. Tune in for wonderful insight, live music, and above all - for FUN.

In this edition I chat to Minneapolis' finest indie pop trio Bad Bad Hats about their tour & SXSW fun,
how they get that Bad Bad Hats sound with dirty FX on guitars, drums and keys, how mindblowing the podcast SongExploder is and how little production details can completely change the blueprint of a song.


Walkman – Bad Bad Hats
Blonde – Raffaella
Always On Time – Raffaella
Making Out – No Doubt
Take Me To Your Leader – Natalie McCool
Detroit Basketball – Bad Bad Hats
Don’t Break His Heart – Bülow
Memory Girl – Natalie McCool
Pastime – Samantha Crain
Savage Good Boy – Japanese Breakfast
Let Me Get There – Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions ft. Kurt Vile

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