Live from Liverpool: The Loft - Curated By Melodic Distraction

28.06.2022 McCool & The Gang

Natalie McCool
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Singer, songwriter & guitarist Natalie McCool shines as a unique star in the UK indie world, having risen through the ranks and amassed a ton of organic support and critical acclaim.

Her show, McCool & The Gang, is a window into her world as a 'music artist'. On this show expect to hear about her life & what she gets up to, and also about all the incredible creative people she works with.

Featuring one or more special guests, each episode is a chinwag about the world of music & what makes those creative souls tick. Tune in for wonderful insight, live music, and above all - for FUN.

This month is another
SXSW special recorded live in Austin, Texas! I chat with UK artists Liz
& Low
about what’s new at SXSW… being a self taught musician, the plight of writing songs about friends and partners (awkward), bringing your BEST performance game, internationally… and of course tacos


Down For Fun – Liz Lawrence
Drive – Liz Lawrence
When I Was Younger – Liz Lawrence
Saturated – Liz Lawrence
Living Alone – Low Girl
Blessing – Low Girl
So Cool – Low Girl
I Think I Need A Therapist – Low Girl

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