19.05.2023 Mangata Aquivera: Papa Dei (Gasoline Radio)

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  • IDM

Papa Dei is a producer and music selector, a member of the Mangata Aquivera Mixtapes formation and self-titled show on Gasoline Radio, who experiments in the orbit of ambient, downtempo and IDM.

An ambient episode from Papa Dei, which offers to touch the delicate, small, sometimes chaotic and strange landscapes of ambient - the deepest music in the world.


Jake Muir – on occasions of this kind the hum of your veiled voice
Santilli – Dusk
Tenka – Antioxidant Shower Permanent Natural Circulations Seem
Huerta – Plant Memory
Andrew Pekler – Hy Brasil
Romeo Poirier – Neos Kosmos
Orchid Dealer – Daybreak
Bracelet – FR8558
PARC – Cycles
Nile Koetting – Performance
Shuttle358 – A ground without a figure
Gafael – Folds of Coloured Silk
Deepleaf – drip
Theory Therapy – Textural bug beaded rocks