23.03.2023 LUMENAATE: Unzipped

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LUMENAATE: Unzipped 🎙

Performer, technician and adhd fuelled arts enthusiast share their passion for audio across our radio waves.

LUMENAATE: Unzipped is a show about undressing sounds that inspire them. With alternating themes, their debut focus will be “New on the Scene” - cherry picking releases from Liverpool’s rich creative community.

“Rock’n’Roll in flicks to get your kicks.”

Digging through a back catalogue of movie buff bangers. Sharing songs from soundtracks that elevated scenes and stood the test of time. From the VHS vault to Netflix & chill, these jams will give you a thrill.


Little Richard – Long Tall Sally (Featured in The Thing / Predator)
Jimi Hendrix – All Along the Watchtower (Featured in Withnall & I)
Steelers Wheel – Stuck in the Middle with You (Featured in Resevoir Dogs)
Blue Oyster Cult – Don’t Fear the Reaper (Featured In Halloween)
R.E.M – Intro & Pretty Persuasion (Featured in R.E.M Succumbs Movie)
Ballroom Blitz – Tia Carrere (Featured in Wayne’s World)
L7 – Shitlist (Featured in Natural Born Killers/ Serial Mom / Tank Girl)
LUMENAATE – A few words on Rock & Roll…
Stephen Trask – Tear Me Down (Featured in Hedwig & The Angry Inch)
Tenacious D – Tribute (Featured in Pick of Destiny)
Tito & Tarantula – After Dark (Featured in From Dusk Til Dawn
White Zombie – Ratfinks, Suicide Tanks & Cannibal Girls (Featured in Beavis & Butthead do America)
Limp Bizkit – Take a Look Around (Featured on Mission Impossible II)
Pink Floyd – Young Lust (Featured in Pink Floyd The Wall)

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