Live from Liverpool: STEAM MCR RADIO SWAP - AYY DEN [R]

28.05.2021 Label of Love

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Label of Love: PALESTINE

This month's show is dedicated to the plethora of traditional, experimental, electronic & all round prodigious music from Palestinian musicians, creating & producing despite occupation & upheaval.


Reem Kelani – As Nazarene women crossed the meadow (Fuse Records, 2005)
Karloma – Kelmet Atab (2001, المعهد الوطني للموسيقى)
Sabreen – Khayyal El-Mzaghirtat (ACT AIN, 1992)
Rim Banna, Bruno Cruz, Ministry of Dub-Key – The Sun of Love Remix (KKV Oslo, 2019)
Sarouna – Ramallah Syndrome (Self-Released, 2018)
Michael Sajrawy – The Dice Man (Mostakell Records, 2011)
Jowan Safadi جوان صفدي – I Wanted to Be كنت بدي أكون (Self-Released, 2019)
Jowan Safadi جوان صفدي – Azereeni آزريني (Self-Released, 2019)
Julmud – Hadoo (ft. Walaa Sbait) – هدّوا (Mostakell Records, 2020)
Bruno Cruz – Algeriasteen (ft. Mehdi Haddab and Walaa Sbait) – أَلجَزائِرستينْ ((Mostakell Records, 2020)
DAM – EMTA NJAWZAK YAMMA (Cooking Vinyl, 2019)
Muqata’a – Abiroon – عابرون (Mostakell Records, 2020)
The Palestinian Student Karmel Group – Watani Laysa Hakiba (Venture, 1989)
Sarouna – Ramallah Syndrome (Self-Released, 2018)

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