06.02.2023 Label Focus: Irida Associates USA

JC Leisure
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Label Focus is a new series hosted by the extended Melodic Distraction family that deep dives into the life and times of the labels that have defined the sound of modern music.

From the creation of the label to the development of their sound to the present day, our community look back at the record labels that have had a notable impact on their life.

JC Leisure focusses on Irida Associates USA, founded and run by Texas composer Jerry Hunt.

Founded in 1979 by Texas composer Jerry Hunt and only in existence for just over 8 years Irida Associates U.S.A or Irida Records offers a rare glimpse into the minds, working methods and practices of Hunt and his associates. Primarily operating from Hunts home in the small rural town of Canton, Texas, Irida only released 7 LPs over its short existence. But what it did was focus in on Hunts pendent for the aleatoric nature that music and composition could elicit. How when it came to composition, the very act of performance was the thing.


Jerry Hunt – Lattice
Jerry Hunt – Introduction to Experimental Intermedia, 1981
Jerry Hunt – Transforms (Stream)
Philip Krumm – Sound Machine
BL Lacerta – Starts Same but Beautiful
Rodney Waschka II – Euwe Suite: 2. Euwe-Alekhine
Larry Austin – Maroon Bells
Jerry Hunt – Interview with Bob Phillips from Texas Country Reporter
Jerry Hunt – Volta (Kernel)
Dary John Mizelle – Polyphonies
Jerry Hunt – Talk (Slice): Double