20.12.2021 Label Focus: Elkar Vinyl Collection

curated by XGFarru & DJMakala
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Label Focus is a new series hosted by the extended Melodic Distraction family that deep dives into the life and times of the labels that have defined the sound of modern music.

From the creation of the label to the development of their sound to the present day, our community look back at the record labels that have had a notable impact on their life.

This month, XGFarru & DJMakala dive into Elkal Vinyl Collection. Elkar Vinyl Collection is a brand new music label exclusively dedicated to publishing on vinyl format reissues and releases of music from the Basque Country, from different decades and genres. Created as a sub-label from the Basque classic publishing house Elkar and run by DJ Makala, a connoisseur of Basque music.

Music produced in the 70’s in the Basque Country got trapped between two earth shattering artistic currents; “Ez Dok Amairu” in the 60s and “Basque Radical Rock” in the 80’s, and unfortunately, most of the lovely discs and tunes created at that magical time have been pushed to a remote (and sometimes even despised) corner of our collective memory. 60’s and 80’s music currents are almost opposite, and both work as magnetic poles with a very strong power of attraction, and maybe also as a burden for any of the later artistic currents. 


William S. Fischer – Euskadunak Gara –  Akelarre Sorta Bat (1972)
Izukaitz – Xori Bele – Izukaitz – (1978)
Enbor – Agurra II – Katebegiak (1980)
Itziar – Ameskoi – Itziar (1978)
Errobi – Andere – Ametsaren Bidea (1979)
Gontzal Mendibil & Taldea – Hasperen Itun – Hasperen Itun (1983)
Haizea – Egunaren Hastapena – Hontz Gaua (1979)
Amaia Zubiria & Pascal Gaigne – Egun Argi Hartan – Egun Argi Hartan (1985)
William S. Fischer – Bat Bi Hiru Lau –  Akelarre Sorta Bat (1972)