16.02.2021 L100

DJ 2Kind: Hot for 2021
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We welcome a sure shot Liverpool staple to Melodic Distraction Radio, celebrating urban music situated 100% within Merseyside... tune in for L100 with DJ 2Kind and guests!

DJ 2Kind is a Liverpool based DJ who started his musical journey as an MC for one of Liverpool’s pioneering hip hop acts "First In Command". He’s also notorious for a string of performances at some of L8's legendary house parties in the early 90's. All the while, 2Kind found the time to promote iconic Liverpool urban events like "Player’s Ball" and the massive "Bounce", which brought artists like Trevor Nelson & MJ Cole to Liverpool for the first time. Oh...and he’s also the man behind Static Records (Liverpool’s only urban record store) and has held residencies at clubs all over the city.

Liverpool legend DJ 2Kind kicks off the proceedings with his list of who to watch in 2021. 100% boss tunes, straight outta Merseyside! Take note, you're gonna want to keep these artists on your radar...


Aystar feat Diffa D – Get in That Jeep
Gully Man Dred – The Fresh Ting
Sho Kid – Dior Trainers
Macz x PEDDYPRO – Graft
Rugzfam – Ninety One
Zealot x Profi x Mo’z – Sinner Remix
Nico M – Damage
Tabitha Jade ft Pridoz – Intuition
Prefects ft Mickey Locks – Knight Train
Day’Z – Cowboy Bop
MC Nelson – Flowers
Tyrone Lewis – With You
Jamie Broad – All Rise
Left Blank – Bio
Ayygabriella – Crazy Times
Sub Blue ft Khai – 3am
HiKStr 0 $tars
NAK – Freaky