Live from Liverpool: CODES & KEYS - NIKKI CHONG [R]

25.09.2022 Kepla

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  • LO-FI

Every month Kepla explores the world of sound art and audio collage, as well celebrating the beauty of weird noises, discarded compositions and field recordings. Each show is presented like a sound piece in itself, stretching and layering compositions and sonic incidents into new reimaginations.

For September's show, Kepla features a mix from Chicago based sound artist Norman Long.


SW1n-Hunter – Strewn Radiator
Cocteau Twins – Throughout The Darkest Months Of April And May
Norman Long – Lil Calumet I
Coby Sey – Eve (Anwummerɛ)
Lola De La Mata – KOH – Klee – uh
Valerio Tricoli – Mimosa Hostilis

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