Live from Liverpool: THE ONLY WAY IS UPITUP - EA Moon & Isocore

24.07.2022 Kepla

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Every month Kepla explores the world of sound art and audio collage, as well celebrating the beauty of weird noises, discarded compositions and field recordings. Each show is presented like a sound piece in itself, stretching and layering compositions and sonic incidents into new reimaginations.

Kepla is back to give you another hour of his sounds and noises to accompany this very rainy day!


Ben Vida & Lea Bertucci – The Vast Interiority
Jeph Jerman – Conch
Julia Reidy – Paradise in Unrecognisable Colours
Dei Kjenslevare – Bronsesfaere
Alvin Curran – Fiori Chiari, Fiori Oscuri
Silvia Tarozzi & Deborah Walker – Meccanica primitiva
Lasse Marhaug & Jerome Noetinger – SPTOP
Peter Rehberg – at GRM (2016)
Lucy Liyou – I for Piano
Umeko Ando – Atuy So Kata
Helena Celle – Music For Counterflows
FUJI||||||||||TA – awa
Jerry Hunt – Talk (Slice): Double
Werk – Cifras Magicas

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