Live from Liverpool: THE HONEY POT - Bear Growls

27.02.2022 Kepla

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Every month Kepla explores the world of sound art and audio collage, as well celebrating the beauty of weird noises, discarded compositions and field recordings.

Each show is presented like a sound piece in itself, stretching and layering compositions and sonic incidents into new reimaginations.


Cartrdige Depression – Eric Frye
aircode – wow, that’s so cool cool
Nour Mobarak – Oaxacan Shower
Mali Draper – ???
Cocanha – la femna d’un tambor
Georgia Rodgers – logistic
Barraco barner – congratulations on your doctorate
Sam Kidel – ???
Maika Garnica – Bow
Extradition – Original Whim
Debit – 7th Day
Jennifer Walshe – Jacob Senleches: Fuions de ci, Ballade
Yearning Kru – Bent Under Rushes
Valentina Magaletti & Julian Sartorius – Sulla Pelle
Bride – Beguiled
Wojciech Rusin – Swedenborg in the Forest
Dayan Naxi Ancient Music – Du
Katarina Gryvul – Rozpad

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