25.03.2023 Just So Ya Know...

Loui La Funk & Sneakbeats
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Just So Ya Know... Matt, Louis & Jay are three lifelong DJs connected by music. Chatting over a music festival, they decided they needed an outlet for all the tunes they are constantly discovering, revisiting and falling in love with.

Expect special segments, guests, and mixes, all serving up their favourite eclectic flavours - everything from soul, funk and groove, hip-hop & dub, house & techno, electronic & rave and a host of other influences and inspirations - sometimes deep and chill and sometimes off its nut.

They love a lot of music and can't wait to share it.

This month, Loui La Funk & Sneakbeats are at the helm!


Willie Healey & Jamie T – Sorry 4 Nothing
People Under The Stairs – Crazy Live
Aim – True To Hip Hop
Camille Yardborough – Take Yo Praise
Quincy Jones – There’s a Train Leavin’
Norman Cook – We Don’t Talk About It
Rob Smith – Up On The Downs
Mr Scruff – Shelf Wobbler
Sabres Of Paradise – Theme
Depth Charge – Shaolin Budda Finger
Gangstar – Full Clip
Mos Def – Ms Fat Booty
Funky Fresh Four – Heavy Hitting
Alexander O’Neal – Criticize
Derrick May – The Dance
Elio Isola – Happy