28.01.2023 Just So Ya Know...

Loui La Funk, Maxted, sneakBeats
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Just So Ya Know... Matt, Louis & Jay are three lifelong DJs connected by music. Chatting over a music festival, they decided they needed an outlet for all the tunes they are constantly discovering, revisiting and falling in love with.

Expect special segments, guests, and mixes, all serving up their favourite eclectic flavours - everything from soul, funk and groove, hip-hop & dub, house & techno, electronic & rave and a host of other influences and inspirations - sometimes deep and chill and sometimes off its nut.

They love a lot of music and can't wait to share it.


Barbara Sinclair – Teacherman
Unknown Dub
Bovel – Check 4 U
Depth Charge – Bounty Biller
Blackstar – Definition
KRS 1 – Raptures Delight
Badbadnotgood – Lavender
Yosi Horikawa – Wandering
Baltar – Opal Drip
Eov – Jungle White label
Spirit of Love – Power of Your Love
Lord Echo – Thinking of You
Metropolis – Everytime I See You
J Griffin – No Wonder
Minnie Riperton – When it Comes Down to it
!!! – Me & Giuliani Down by the Schoolyard (a true story)
James Deron & Precious – Elu
Sly Stone – I’ll Be Surprised
Skinnyman – I’ll Be Surprised
Senna Degadu – Accra city People
Senna Degadu – Listen
DJ Plead – Ruby
Chris Clark – Shonny
Ark – R2D2
Luke Vibert – Acidisco
Coco Bryce – Come On Feet
Malcoms Locks – Get Up Stan Up
Aged in Harmony – You’re a Melody