26.01.2023 Jazz, But Not As We Know It

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We welcome Jab to the airwaves for one hour of "Jazz, but not as we know it." 

Jab has been a Liverpool resident since 1988 after moving to the city in-part because of his love of the Liverpool music scene. He is a professional musician and has been involved in the jazz, rock, funk, hip-hop scene for more than 30 years. He's been promoting Liverpool's famous jazz scene for 10 years now and has built up an understanding of musicians, venues and audiences alike.

Through his musical endeavours, Jab has amassed a large record collection including progressive rock, punk, new wave, hip hop, jazz, classical and acid house.

This month Jab and Melodic Distraction have recorded the first Live Lounge session with Liverpool’s throbbing jazzsters Sweet Beans, playing tunes from their recent EPs – Dark Side of the Dance and Dance Side of the Dark – available on the usual channels.

The Sweet Beans band doesn't think they are jazz, but I say they are, and it’s my show, so there!!You will hear an interview in two parts plus a selection of the tunes they recorded.

If you check out the Melodic Distraction web site you will find the full Live Lounge session, beautifully captured by Josh, Danny and Alex in HD video! To complement the music and attitude of this awesome band, Jab has included tunes by Huw V Williams, Captain Beefheart, ELP, Troyka, Wako and Cabaret Voltaire (unfortunately, he doesn’t have any Throbbing Gristle).

You can connect with Sweet Beans Band on Instagram – @sweetbeansband.


Huw V Williams – Mugs
Captain Beefheart – Ella Guru
Sweet Beans with Jab Interview Part 1
Sweet Beans – Illuminate
Emerson, Lake & Palmer – The Barbarian
Troyka – Ornithophobia
Sweet Beans – Phafrican
Sweet Beans with Jab Interview Part 2
Sweet Beans Baldy and Mi-Bodality
Wako & Oslo Strings – Cold Days, Warm Hearts
Sweet Beans – Wasps and Nosedive
Cabaret Voltaire – Your Agent Man