22.09.2022 Jazz, But Not As We Know It

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We welcome Jab to the airwaves for one hour of "Jazz, but not as we know it." 

Jab has been a Liverpool resident since 1988 after moving to the city in-part because of his love of the Liverpool music scene. He is a professional musician and has been involved in the jazz, rock, funk, hip-hop scene for more than 30 years. He's been promoting Liverpool's famous jazz scene for 10 years now and has built up an understanding of musicians, venues and audiences alike.

Through his musical endeavours, Jab has amassed a large record collection including progressive rock, punk, new wave, hip hop, jazz, classical and acid house.

This month on Jazz But Not As We Know It Jab gets a tad random! Plus, he’s found an old record of BBC sound effects so that’s going to be played in between Fat Suit, Huw V Williams, Misha Gray, Caravan, Kevin Ayers, Nina Simone, Sons of Kemet, Stuart McCallum, and some more surprises from the outer limits of the jazz spectrum!



Sons of Kemet  -Myth Science
The BBC Radiophonic Workshop – Sea of Mercury
Huw V Williams  -HON
The BBC Radiophonic Workshop  -Galactic Travel
Caravan – Love To Love You (And Tonight Pigs Will Fly)
The BBC Radiophonic Workshop – Tardis Take-Off
Misha Gray Prehistoric Jazz Quintet – Crystal
The BBC Radiophonic Workshop – Tardis Land
Stuart McCallum – Austin Flowers
The BBC Radiophonic Workshop – Space Rocket Land
Kevin Ayers – There Is Loving / Among Us / There Is Loving
The BBC Radiophonic Workshop – Flying Saucer Land
Construction – The Octave Doctors And The Crystal Machine
The BBC Radiophonic Workshop – Flying Saucer Take-Off
Andre Canniere – Colours
The BBC Radiophonic Workshop – Flying Saucer Interior Constant Run
Fat Suit – Lunar Milk
The BBC Radiophonic Workshop – Gravity Generator
Nina Simone – Here Comes The Sun