06.09.2022 Jacob's Antiques

Get Serious
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Jacob’s Antiques is hosted by Get Serious; a party founded in Cardiff, now based in London, run by Ben Cowper and Harry Fitzpatrick.

The Party's tagline “All Styles, All Flavours” is for good reason - anything from Italo, Synth-Pop and New Beat, to Breaks and Techno gets covered with no stone left unturned.

Jacob’s Antiques sees Ben and Harry showcase their tastes and passions for music as a whole, sharing their favourite weird and wonderful records from the club through to the living room. Stay Loose, Get Serious.


Civilistjävel – Unknown
Angel Rocket – Oyster Perpetual
Unknown – Unknown
Mori Ra – Penguins Repair
Androo – uno.nostalgia (dub)
Mohammad Reza – YEK 128/10
Significant Other – Second Skin
MMM – Where To Go
Trinity Carbon – Ashley Road Steppa
Mori Ra – Chaos-Goreate
Beautiful People – B2
Mari Kvien Brunvoll – Everywhere You Go (Villalobos Remix)
Klein Zage – She’s Out There (Local Artist Cult Mix)
Dazion – Sound Of The Dune Town