04.05.2021 Jacob's Antiques

Get Serious
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Jacob’s Antiques is hosted by Get Serious; a party founded in Cardiff, now based in London, run by Ben Cowper and Harry Fitzpatrick.

The Party's tagline “All Styles, All Flavours” is for good reason - anything from Italo, Synth-Pop and New Beat, to Breaks and Techno gets covered with no stone left unturned.

Jacob’s Antiques sees Ben and Harry showcase their tastes and passions for music as a whole, sharing their favourite weird and wonderful records from the club through to the living room. Stay Loose, Get Serious.

This mont, Get Serious celebrate 1 year of broadcasting on Melodic Distraction with an hour of percussive grooves and sunset sounds.


Princess Diana of Wales – Cut
Gaia Tones – Shackles
Robin Stewart – Not Buoyant
Lowtec – Untitled
Arnaldo – Post Rotation
Basso – Soft Choppers
Special Occasion – Big Wheel
Malcolm McLaren – Call A Wave (DFC Dance Mix)
DJ Chãnce Da Silva – Saporra é Real (Edição Estendida)
Cage & Aviary – Friday 14th
Dust-E-1 – The Pink Tree
Nexsus 21 – Nexus
Clio – Eyes