31.08.2021 Heavy Texture: Dialect

More about this show

Heavy Texture is a new immersive listening and environmental sound project. The aim is to snatch experimental music back from the universities and conservatoires over a mixture of radio broadcasts, online discussions groups, events and sound walks; to deinstitutionalize “experimental” music in a way that’s accessible both financially and in approach.

The idea, the experiment, the playground, is to explore what listening is and what it means in the context of sound and presenting sound art. 

Heavy Texture launches with a three hour broadcast, featuring a mix from Lupini and original material from Dialect and Claire Rousay - all explore environmental listening, electroacoustic improvisation and sound collage⁣.

We’d encourage you to take parts of this hour, as much as is allowable in your day, to practice listening rather than hearing. To turn the sound over and explore it. It’s very slow, it’s sometimes frustrating, and you might find afterwards that you’ve become very fond of the sound of your washing machine or the seagulls or the traffic or whatever other bits of audio are colouring your experience of this broadcast.

Dialect presents a mix of unreleased, work-in-progress material as DARK CANOPY. With recent releases on RVNG and Dense Truth, Dialect's deft fusion of chamber music, improvisation and electro-acoustic composition has carved a niche of musical collage, reflecting themes of interconnectedness within the natural world.


Dark Canopy is a work-in-progress hour of all original, unreleased material from DIALECT. No tracklist, as such.