28.11.2021 Harvest Time

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Studio head and Kinder Bueno enthusiast, Zaremba, brings a gentler touch to Sunday mornings.

Jazz, ambient and all things head-soothing for sleepy Sunday mornings. Studio beb and all round good egg, James Zaremba steps inside the box with records that give off a soft golden light. A real feet-up, stick the kettle on, rest-ye-weary-head kinda show. Expect celestial jazz, effervescent ambient watercolour washes and probably lots of Minnie Riperton.

Harvest Time makes a welcome return to the MDR airwaves, as Zaremba takes us on a chilled ride through some downtempo grooves.


Ras – Pharoah
RVDS – Menuet De Vampire
Charles Webster – Forget the Past
Nice Girl – Will U
Francois N’Gwa – N’Kene
Double – Naningo
Seahawks – Smooth Runnings
Nice Girl – The Coming
Carwyn Ellis & Rio 18 – Hedyn Ar Y Gwynt
Mike Francis – Lovely Day
Phase – One Million
Cochemea – Chito’s Song
Bill Callahan – Jim Cain