29.09.2023 Hà Nội Community Radio: DJ ANJI

More about this show

As part of MDR's ESEA Heritage month programming, we’re seeing out the month in style with a fantastic radio collaboration with Hà Nội Community Radio.

Hà Nội Community Radio is based in Hanoi, Vietnam and was established to bring communities together. It features shows from local artists', musicians and creatives.

A selection of HCR’s residents will be showcasing the amazing sounds and styles of Hanoi’s independent radio scene.

Anji’s boundless love for electronic music began with a series of outdoor events  held on a separate island in Far East of Russia called "Rave Bridge”. Now based in  Hanoi, Vietnam and she is HUM (Hanoi underground movement) and Hermosa  community (based in Moscow, extended in Asia) DJ resident.

For the first step as a promoter of HERMOSA community, created event in Asia in a collaboration with  Hanoi Underground Movement Community DJ residents and invited artists in one  of the markable places of Hanoi - Mirage Night club. As a DJ Artist Anji constantly  dives into the art of DJing and continues to experiment with multiple genres in one  set, she keeps the mood on the dance floor, using a mixture of seemingly  incompatible sounds such as House, Techno, Electro and Break Beat.


1. Soft Metal – Humanism (Avacha Records)
2. Volta Cab – Hypnotic Style (Avacha Records)
3. Tronik Youth – Kill It – Ton Globiter’s Neue New Beat Mix (Nein Records) 4. GIAO – Transe Atlântico (ELBEREC)
5. KETA CAVIAR – Township youth (Resonance Moscow) 6. Makabr – Break The Framework (Traxual)
7. Caprithy – Ashes (pkge)
8. zero_one – murderer (ELBEREC)
9. Gladstone Deluxe – Errant Core (is / was)
10. Yutani – Armenian Poetry but Breakbeat (Yutani)
11. Yung Acid – Spoiled Box (Yung acid)
12. DJ Slon и Жуткий Лазер – С1: Pop (Gost Zvuk)
13. Choongum – Deep in the Bushes (Choongum)
14. Miguel Chafirovitch – One Night (ELBEREC)
15. Rayme – Bonebreaker Funk (Get Busy Recordings)
16. Spekulant – AUE (Progressive Future)
17. 16_44 – 16_44 (Traxual)
18. Obergman – Tokamak (Brokntoys)
19. Mishxn – зубастый вьюн (Resonance Moscow)