01.11.2020 Good For The Soul

Rare Hue
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  • SOUL

Good For The Soul is just that – soothing selections to take the edge off things and ease you into your day.

Hosted by Snoodman Deejay, MDR producer and purveyor of all things groovy, Good For The Soul's laid-back approach features choice cuts from across the world that are sure to assuage even the hardiest of hangovers. Start your day off right - tune in, kick back and find out a little bit more about the music.

This month’s Good For The Soul is guest hosted by Rare Hue. Rare Hue is a collective bonded by a mutual love of clothes, music and art; setting off a vision to bring together DJs, designers, producers, rappers and anyone else who shares our passion to create their own mark. Rare Hue's mission is creation through any means necessary.

Rare Hue DJs MONDOG and Rutlegend are reunited in the mix after an 18 month hiatus; Bringing together eclectic grooves from across the world, the boys have focused on harmonising sample heavy hip hop with its forefathers in jazz, funk and soul. Stirring in old favourites with rare finds, prepare for a smooth ride through their minds.