09.12.2021 EQUINOX

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  • BASS

And just as quickly as she rises, she slithers away into the night. LUNA, goddess of the moon, says her farewells to this Earth. The winds have changed, the tides have turned; the full moon, like anything, has made her personal cycle and finds herself back at where she started: a new moon.

Born from this new moon is NIIX, goddess of the night. A shadowy figure, stood at or near the beginning of creation. Left in the beauty of LUNA’s wake, she rises and takes over the skies. She’s about to embark on a very exciting journey, and she’s inviting you to come with her…

This month's EQUINOX is a takeover from Manchester-based DJ and producer DaiSu! After contributing to NIIX's 'I: Remixes' EP with a dreamy 140 rework of 'BBY', the Not Bad For A Girl resident brings the heat for the full hour. Having recently played for the likes of Keep Hush & Loose Lips, alongside radio-play of her debut single 'Buckwild' on BBC Radio 1, 2022 is looking very exciting for DaiSu.


LCY – Edge It
Foul Play – Ricochet
LCY – Milan
RDS – 224
Or:la – Wendy Wild
Brothers Black – Network
Struction – Kreen
Dulha – Lotus
винер x Ninety – Saracen
Ramadanman – Don’t Change For Me
Martyn x Om Unit – Shapes
Mall Grab – Switchblade
Ayesha – Chaiyya Dub
Adam Pits – International Wafter (Ciel Remix)
Palekh – Jungle Calling
Anz – Loos in Twos (NRG)
El James – Pick Up