11.05.2023 Epler

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Epler is a DJ and collector from Odessa. He has long been involved in organising parties called 'Luvmashine 3000' and 'Wild Mix' in his hometown. In his sets he captivates listeners with deep moods and exciting rare gems, always surprising with a range of musical genres from andregrind house to trance and techno.

Kirill has only recently moved to Liverpool and is slowly beginning to introduce his collection to listeners. In this set he will showcase his latest finds.


Unknown artist – unknown B1
The Bermuda Triangle – Marine Sulphure Queen
Ecstasy Boys – Tsukino Oshie (marks tribal)
Instant Funk – Funk It ! (Funk House Version)
2 Brothers – Turn The Music up (Terje Bekke Edit)
Royal orchestra ltd. – Get Down (Mykoos & Musto mix)
Hornbostel – Obsession (Bass-Lines Mix)
P.D.Q. – To Me (Deep Down Mix)
Jedi – Light of Love
Ciao lee tong – Dance fusion
Claim 2 Fame – Alpha Omega (Garage Mix)
Sonic Resistance – Secret Potion
Noiro & Alyha – Body Flap
MHz – Bizarre (Remix)
Garett David – Loop Soup
Yum Yum – Fire (Jazz Dub Mix)
Hulu – Emporae (Tie Me Up).
Excessive – I Got You (Underground Club Mix)
Denko – Melow Baby
ACME – Rhythm of Life
Suggestive – Wildlife (Club Tabasco Mix)
Vancouver – Love Addict B
Trance Action – Non Stop (Dance)
B.O.N.K. – Sex (Celibate Sex)
Pino R. – The Analog Signal (Progressive)
L.E.D. – Wish – Magnetic Mix
Hook, Line & Sinker – Main Event (Club Dub)