09.09.2023 Ecléctico

Léna C
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Ecléctico is the new monthly show of French DJ and producer Léna C.

Léna has made a name for herself playing cross-genre sets which exude her eclectic influences, mixing modern with vintage electronic and traditional sounds from all around the world.

In this month's selection, expect some Brazilian Jazz, Algerian Funk, Welsh Psychedelic and more!


Electro Keyboard Orchestra – The Soaring Seagull
Sun Sone – All that Glitters
L’Eclair – L’arrivée au Port de Lagos
Bonyeme – Bourreau des Coeurs
Sessa – Ponta de Faca (feat. Союз) [Demo]
Airto Moreira – Zuei
Les Abranis – Achethkhi
Asha Puthli – Space Talk (Maurice Fulton remix)
Christiana – Ti Na Mas Kanei I Nychta
Ibrahim Hesnawi – Never Understand
Voyou – Deux Oiseaux
Sababa 5 – Funk #1
Huw Marc Bennett – Pinc Sunset
Naomi Akimoto – Come Rain or Come Shine