27.06.2023 Darkfloor Sound

Mike Darkfloor
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  • ACID

Mike Darkfloor brings their label Darkfloor Sound to the airwaves of Melodic Distraction, with a fresh bag of hefty clubs cuts each and every time. Unique selections and varied genres, all with the cohesive core they've been pushing for years. Expect techno, drum & bass, industrial, acid, EBM, metal, breaks and whatever else they have in the bag - all with that persistent central vein of dark and heavy vibes.

Voice and producer of Mantis Radio since 2007, their Darkfloor Sound label residency presents a mix of the upfront and brand new, with archival tracks of yesterday. You will hear some of the best music you've not heard before.

Darkfloor shell out a bumper crop of new sound emerging from deep within the club scene, with a couple of golden oldies. June's show features cuts from Danse Noire, Mord, Weatherall, Hedchef, Client_03, Kamikaze Space Programme, DJ Crystl, Skee Mask, The Advent, Sir Real, Univac, Baby T, and Daniel Avery.


Mt. Fuyu – Temple [Danse Noire]
Ricardo Donoso – The Sphinx (Yves De Mey remix) [Digitalis Recordings]
Shards – Wentworth [Mord]
The Woodleigh Research Facility – Brackstone Abroad [Rotters Golf Club]
John Selway – Phase Vortex [Tronic]
Client_03 – Compliance [Client_03]
Hedchef – Perpetual Loop (Joyless Stimulation Mix) [Spinning Around]
Daniel Avery ft. Georgia – Going So Low [Phantasy Sound]
Kamikaze Space Programme – Half Life A [Mord]
David Meiser – Generation Anthems [Dark Vortex]
J.Blofeld – Sicure (James Ruskin remix) [Arkham Audio]
Developer – In Pure Form 10 [Modularz]
Addison Groove – Forgiven [Hotflush Recordings]
Skee Mask – Kordman Return (Swing Mix) [Ilian Tape]
Noiz – Slashback (Scanone remix) [Yellow Machines]
Hedchef – Sharp Relief [Deep Cover]
Farron – Bratanic Surfers [Voitax]
Sir Real – Pyroclastic surge [[k]rack-troni[k]]
Aloka – Brain Confusion [self-released]
The Advent – House Seed [Internal]
Club MCM – Club M.C.M (Alex Bau remix) [Do Not Sleep]
Reeko – Diamond Light [Inceptive]
Lidvall – Hunger [Faut Section]
BRÄLLE – Metastasis (Robert Hoff remix) [Adversarial Machines]
Matraxia – My Dear (Bailey Ibbs remix) [KR Records]
Henning Baer – Faint Static [Pinkman]
Univac – Untitled A2 [Bunker Records]
Madrid 79 – Valencia 89 [Fuego En Casa]
Neil Landstrumm – Something Unspoken [Don’t Recordings]
Baby T – Get To It [Banshee]
Aquarian – Event Horizon [UNO NYC]
DJ Crystl – The Dark Crystl (Remastered) [Hardcore Junglism]
KLIINE – 1 s 0 s [VALE]