Live from Liverpool: CHARLES VAUGHAN - MDR [R]

08.11.2022 Danse Macabre: Nkisi Special

Chrissy Connor
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Chrissy Connor presents Danse Macabre, an exploration of alternate musical histories and genre obscurities across the ages.

This month, we've got a very special Nkisi special oin honour of Dance Macabre 4 on 2nd December at QUARRY - featuring Nkisi, Lucy Grey, Utav, Caroline the DJ & Christopher Connor himself.

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Nkisi – Patch Works (Live Session for FactMag)
Nkisi – Can U See Me
Nkisi – Grounding Practice (Live Session for Somerset House)
Nkisi – 5
Nkisi – Phantasmagoria
Nkisi – Succession
Nkisi – 1

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