16.12.2020 Crazy P

Crazy P Soundsystem
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Woah now! We’ve got something very special to see you through. We welcome back no other than the fun-loving, hip-swinging and dancefloor-shaking Crazy P.

Seven albums and 20 years of a musical career later, Crazy P remain stronger and more relevant than ever. Their slinky underground disco, deep electronic throbs and shimmering pop moments were moving dancefloors way before the revival of disco and house. Paired with their infectious and fun live performances, both as a DJ or Soundsystem set and live band, Crazy P give dance music a voice, heart and soul.

It goes without saying that the unstoppable trio have performed all over the world, and 2019 saw them embark on sellout tour to promote their brilliant new album - ‘Age Of The Ego’.

We're delighted to have Crazy P in for our final Kickstarter guest show! Live and direct from their cosy studio, the trio are in full force with an absolutely golden couple of hours.

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