05.09.2023 Constantine's Corner

Adam Constantine
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This one hour special takes you inside the crates of Adam Constantine. Flying through genres and moods and taking listeners across the globe. Today we have an exclusive play of Blå Skogen Group’s debut release, plus a label focus on DAUPE! to celebrate 50 years of hip hop this summer.


Sam Wilkes – Driving [Wilkes Records]
Dana and Alden – Lets go to trader Joe’s [Sauna Boys]
Abyss x – Banyana [AD93]
V/Z – Candles [AD93]
Headache – The Beginning of The End [Plz Make It Ruins]
White Girl Wasted – Barz Simpson [Daupe!]
White Girl Wasted – No Face No Case [Daupe!]
Westside Gunn ft Keisha Plum prod. Tyler the creator
Estee Nack – NACKMANCOLTRANE [Daupe!/Griselda]
Blå Skogen Group – Looking Outward
The Southern University Jazz Ensemble – Milestones Live
[Now Again/ Jazzstronauts]
Max Roach – Abstrutions [Arc Records]
Phil Palombo & Pals – It Was a Very Good Year [Tramp
Bobby Cole – A Perfect Day [Tramp Records]
Jack Jacobs – I believe it’s Alright [Melodies International]