01.02.2023 Collective Conscience: Valentine’s Special

Dr. Hassan Mallick
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  • JAZZ

COLLECTIVE CONSCIENCE features a thematic soundscape using poetry and music. We create soundscapes for fun listening (check out our video games episode) as well as more socially conscious stories such as the refugee crisis.

This episode features chill out, lounge and orchestral flavours for the lovers out there. We use our own poetry as Nirvana Principle, along with greats such as Rumi and a spatter of underground favourites.

Special thanks to JJ Boota for lending us her voice for this mix.

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Nirvana Principle Team


Sizzle Bird – Kindred Spirit
Diskay – Devotion
Richard Houten – Just Woke Up Here [Nirvana Principle “Happy Rumeo” Edit]
Michael Kiwanuka – Love and Hate
ebastian Davidson – Yugen [Nirvana Principle “Echo of Love” Remix feat. JJ Boota]
Jacob Gurevitsch – Lovers In Paris
Lila Downs – Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps
Etilla, Redinho – Nomad
Abida Parveen – Lovers Can Never Sleep
2kings – Last Time ( Jaubi remix )
Lamb – Gold [Mr Scruff Mix]
Melanie Di Biasio – I’m Gonna Leave You (The Cinematic Orchestra Remix)
Hector Plimmer – Sonnet 17 (feat._ego_ella_may)
Kinny – Lost Baggage
Is You Is, Or Is You Ain’t Ma Baby (with Bing Crosby)