Live from Liverpool: THE SONG INSIDE - RANGA [R]

17.08.2022 Chromatic Giants

Rose A
More about this show

Navigating your way round the chromatic giants of the city - sometimes it's overwhelming, sometimes it's beautiful.

An ambient selection this month to make you feel - serenity - alongside some experimental grimey sounds and classical


Stains of time – ewer ft skajiraz
Hrt eyes – Rose A and Dany Bowen
Evian Christ feat danny blaze – things can only get better
Stasis – trap ward
symphocat – revival reneissance
each hour w natalia
01 sequence .4 – peter gregson
lil keke – pimp the pen
usof – definite
rept – frozen
helena pelikken – hello flower
fetva – lily white
how to open your eyes in the sanstorm – ???
fumu – enter the anima Y13TH
Contacto – out of frame (usof remix)
l’amour braque – ??
waiting on the skyline – devils tools
madteo – 1 4 u
dont you ever think of running – ??

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