Live from Liverpool: The Loft - Curated By Melodic Distraction

18.05.2022 Chromatic Giants

More about this show

Navigating your way round the chromatic giants of the city - sometimes it's overwhelming, sometimes it's beautiful.

This week Rose A takes you on a journey through a choral, classical, grime and spoken work mix! Stay locked



Unexpected resurgence of traumatic childhood memories – bod
songs from Dolores songbook no 7 azure
Sub town – Zoe Mcpherson
Don’t you ever think of running – ??
Sang Hyuns prayer
MIC, Name Wam, K*RN ft Jawnino, JME
Arnesen – Peace
3am – ??
being here – Jenys – Rouge hotel remix
Dream 1 pt 1 – ??
Saddleworth – Blackhaine
Adgio in G major
The pursuit of complexifying unities – bod
virtue coast – deadboy
Shepherds mountain – brombaer
Nickys afraid of flying – KHALILH2POP
III – Bella Winnesswiser
Thoughts and Prayers – manga saint Hilary ( feat Novelist)
Shell company – Half heart

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