Live from Liverpool: THE ONLY WAY IS UPITUP - EA Moon & Isocore

17.11.2021 Chromatic Giants

Rose A
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Navigating your way round the chromatic giants of the city - sometimes it's overwhelming, sometimes it's beautiful.

Remember whenever you feel lonely there’s always an advert that wants your attention...


The tomb of sorrow
Now and not yet – hammock
Glitchy poem thing – Rose A
Cello noise – Oliver Coates
25/26 – McCroy n vagrant real estate
Nocturnal – vacant
Stay with me – novelist
Phlebotomy – dear Laika
Drill FR 4 – escha n ytem
Hyperdrive – b:thorough
Julius eastmen / any xylophone player feat metoronori – —-___—__
Still waiting at the altar – plentu
A blessing – Paul mealor
When I close my eyes I see paint – sockethead
Chaos portrait – sockethead
Now and not yet – hammock
Get 2 kno – 1995 epilepsy
Queen of heaven – echavox
Hesitate – Oli XL
to fade – Leo
Wait for me – dark0
Seven steps – Gabriel protovik
Swan lake – royal opera house orchestra
Lungs full and heavy – Asda
Honeyed words – Anna meridith
Eartheater – faith consuming hope

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